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{SBC} Viktor Glazkov {App} by Y0KAI {SBC} Viktor Glazkov {App} by Y0KAI

Application for;; :iconsparkle-bunny-cult:
;w; Still not in the best of moods, but I wanted to finish this. The shading is horrible, and very much rushed. orz;; As is the info below. It's subject to change slightly here and there, depending on a few things.

Using the same format of :iconfoolishantiquerabbit:'s application~


Full Name: Viktor Glazkov

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race/Species:Human || Cony Koneho

Native language: Russian

Languages spoken:

Orientation/Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Religion: None

Occupation: Home schooled/self study student

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair color: Blonde || Purple

Eye color: Green || Red


Viktor, as mentioned above, is a very odd individual both in game and in the real world. He has long since suffered from a case of severe amnesia that has only managed to be solved by the use of narcotics. These drugs, however, cause him to have very lucid nightmares, thus the teenager refused to take them. It's because of this that his personality is a bit shaky. All in all, he's a rather quiet boy who speaks only when he finds it is necessary. When he does choose to do so, however, it's rather hard to make heads or tails of just what he's trying to say.

Thanks to his lack of sleep, Viktor doesn't experience normal human emotions. While he can show and feel fear, anger and shock, it's rare for him to show happiness or sadness. It's not that he can't, but rather that his body is so worn out that his brain can't properly process certain things. He often seems to be going through rapid mood changes out of the blue, but that's simply his way of forcing his brain to process things in overworked circumstances.

-Easily irritated

-RPG Games || They help keep him focused
-Coffee, or any type of caffeine || He prefers to stay awake as of late due to hallucinations and the like
-Daytime || It's easier to see what's really there, and what isn't
-Guns & Chainsaws || Especially AK-47 models for guns; game-play ONLY

-Internet connection problems || Leaves him without his favorite distraction
-Losing || xD; -lame-
-Talkative people || Viktor can't focus around people who blab their mouths off, both in the real world and online
-Becoming confused || Often due to his conflicting emotions and questions
-The real world || He's obviously not the most normal person, therefore he hates being reminded of it when he leaves his room


Favorite season(s): Autumn || The falling leaves are calming to him, and he often stares at them for hours.

Favorite food(s): Soups, or anything that he can slurp down quickly || He doesn't like 'mundane' distractions, and therefore hates eating or doing anything that takes more than ten minutes.

Favorite color(s): Black and purple

Favorite holiday(s): None

Favorite animal(s): Hotot Rabbits || He finds the marks around their eyes to be cute, making them look almost soulless.



Viktor used to be a model student who had only ever used a computer to study or do homework assignments. During one summer, however, he found himself tempted by a newly released MMORPG and decided to try it. New to the rather addictive world, the teen immediately became hooked, himself, and played it for days on end without any sleep. Eventually, by the start of the new school year, he realized just how much of a toll all those nights of constant games had taken on him. He was no longer able to stay asleep for more than three hours, and slowly that progressed into not being able to sleep for more than ten minutes.

Worried, his parents took him to the hospital and then to a psychiatrist. There was only one thing they recommended, and that was medication to help slow his mind enough to get him to sleep. For the first week, things seemed to be going good. He was starting to focus in school again, and was actually back on a slight sleeping schedule. Slowly, his progress started to go downhill, eventually becoming nonexistent.

The medicine began making him have lucid nightmares of monsters eating his organs, or devouring him limb by limb. When this grew to be too much, he started lying to his parents about taking the medication, and was soon unable to sleep again. His school work began to suffer, and with it came the wrath of his parents. The negative feedback, paired with his own mental problems, eventually pushed him back into the virtual world of online gaming; the only thing that managed to keep his mind somewhat stable.

A few weeks later, his parents agreed to let him do online schooling hoping it would improve his grades and chances at getting into a decent university. Viktor, however, rarely spends time away from the games he plays. Having recently heard the buzz about a new and interesting game, Sparkle Bunny Cult, the teen eager waits for it to start.
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TrickyJinx Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely~ I love your art style. ;w;
Velvet-Universe Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Holy smokes, he sounds really interesting! I can't wait to start playing with him!
Velvet-Universe Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Holy smokes, he sounds really interesting! I can't wait to start playing with him!
MsBiffy Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
OEIFJKFRKNNFKRE can I pull his earrrrrs? >w<
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